Thessaloniki HCDCP’s participation in the 2-day educational seminar with HelMSIC of Thessaloniki

The Greek Committee for International Relations and Medical Student Exchange (HelMSIC) of Thessaloniki organized a 2-day educational/experiential training and sensitization seminar for medical students of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki (A.U.T.) through equivalent education and scientific updating.



In cooperation with the office of Thessaloniki’s HCDCP and with Mrs. Goma Fani, Consulting Psychologist, head of Thessaloniki’s HCDCP as rapporteur, the first stage of training was a discourse and open conversation titled “HIV/AIDS: From the view of the patient and the doctor”, a topic which provided an opportunity to discuss issues relating to the psychological effects of an individual’s seropositivity, stigmatization management, the doctor–patient therapeutic relation and the barriers to correct communication between medical and nursing personnel and patient.

Thirty (30) students of the Medical School of the A.U.T. took part in the experiential seminar, the selection of which was carried out by HelMSIC based on the level of interest.


HCDCP, Thessaloniki Office