PRESS CONFERENCE 10th PanHellenic conference on Public Health and Health Services: The Road to Development

The Press Conference for the 10th PanHellenic Conference on Public Health and Health Services was held in Athens at Divani Caravel Hotel, on 26 May 2014. The Conference was co-organized by HCDCP and the National School of Public Health (NSPH). The Deputy Minister of Health, Mrs Zetta Makri, together with HCDCP President and NSPH Professor, Mrs Jenny Kremastinou, Mrs Anastasia Barbouni, Supervisor of Public and Hygiene Department of NSPH, and Mrs Agoritsa Baka, Pediatrician at the Scientific Advisor’s Office of HCDCP, presented some of the current and most important public health issues, such as flu, tuberculosis (TB), smoking and vaccination.

Maria Fotinea, HCDCP