Our favourite Greek beaches

The Kimi coast in North Evia, the balcony of the Aegean Sea, as described by the famous carver Galanis. Kimi is also the origin of the great George Papanikolaou Mr “Pap Test”.

Ithaca was the final destination of the ancient Greek hero Odysseus and the subject of a famous poem by the Greek poet Kavafis: ‘Once you start travelling to Ithaca’. Ithaca is an island next to Kefallinia in Greece, and both of them share wonderful, clean and numerous yellow and red sandy seashores.

Myrtos beach in Kefallinia has a rare type of very deep and turquoise water

It is so nice to combine art with the sea. Have a beautiful summer.

Foinikounta hosted most of my childhood summer vacations. The essence of sage follows you from the first moment you arrive.

An old Greek song says  ‘we’ll never manage to reach Kithira …’ and to that I add that if we ever do we’ll go straight for a sip of fatourada (the local spirit)!!

It was not by chance that they filmed ‘The Big Blue’ here. Plakes (= plates) beach on Amorgosisland is quite far removed from what we normally think of a beach, but it rewards anytourist who decides to visit the Small Cyclades.

Sea water gently touches the earth. The majestic sky is watching from above. The wildness is make-believe. Because there, the absolutely pure and the real peace rule everything.

Northern and southern Crete, sometime during the year, at the beginning of the 21st century.

Agia Paraskevi, Perdika/ Thesprotia

Karavostasi, Perdika/ Thesprotia

Driving from Vathi to Karlovassi, just after Kokkari village, we parked the car under some pine trees and walked down the little pathway to the sea. Shortly after, we reached the reddish, sugary beach of Tsamadou. ‘This is where Virgin Mary holds the sea inside her apron…

Deep blue, refreshing water, soft sand, and many luxuries.

‘… Two big black pebbles safe the shutters of the blue window, always giving and never asking back, that is the place to live along with the immortals and the flowers into the glass …

Poet Manos Eleftheriou(Music adaptation by Pantelis Thalassinos)

Chiliadou beach on the island of Evia is a beautiful beach with pebbles. The deep water is a deep blue.

It is an ideal place for relaxation, carefree holidays and a lot of diving.

Happy holidays to everybody! This year we stay in Greece!!

According to Greek mythology, during the Clash of Titans, Neptune was chasing the Titan Polivotis across the Aegean Sea. Neptune then caught a huge piece of the island of Kos with his trident and threw it against the Titan. The rock crushed him and shaped the island of Nisyros on top of him. Where the mouth of Polivotis has lain ever since, a volcano formed ages ago, and when the entombed Titan moves his shoulders and roars, the whole of Nisyros is shaken by earthquakes.

To reach the beautiful beach of Pachia Ammos, you need take a 10-minute walk along a picturesque path. The beach is full of dark-colored, volcanic sand.

Gnospi beach, Agios Nikolaos, Mani: Unprecedented dives from perfect rocky beaches with crystal-clear waters!

Paou beach, Pelion: The sheltered beach in Pagasitikos bay rewards each visitor.

On the way to Trikeri, Pelion: The mountain of the Centaurs with its enchanting clear blue waters …

These are not exotic beaches far, far away … They are Greek sandy beaches in Koufonisia and Agistri. Enjoy them!!