Upcoming conferences and meetings

24 February, 2012

Title: Educational Seminars on Diabetes

Country: Greece

City: Thessaloniki

Venue: Grand Hotel (live streaming at Karavel Hotel Athens)

Phone: +30 210 6827405

Website: http://www.mastermind.gr/


24-27 February, 2012

Title: 3rd (Spring) Clinical Laboratory: Prevention & Confrontation of Cardiometabolic Danger Factors

Country: Greece

City: Athens

Venue: Hotel Montana

Phone: +30 210 7210001

Website: http://www.congressworld.gr/en/arxiki.php


29 February, 2012

Title: The Microscopic Examination in the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

Country: Greece

City: Athens     

Venue: 1. Auditorium of the Oncology Clinic, 3rd Department of Internal Medicine of the Athens Medical School, and

2. Microbiology Laboratory, National Reference Center for Mycobacteria, Building Z, General Hospital ‘Sotiria’

Phone: +30 210 7763302

Website: http://www.sotiria.gr/new/nrcm/index.htm


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